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Dúo Zoo

  • Manual and/or electronic coin system
  • Independent prices per game
  • Independent electronic systems

Children’s gaming-vending machine

Unit with metal structure, very resistant to continuous usage in highly-trafficked areas. Designed for indoor or outdoor usage. Natural light-resistant decoration. Great product capacity. Separate electronic systems for each crane: both cranes can operate independently. Optional manual and/or electronic coin systems.

Invitation to consumption and call to action
Designed to buy by impulse in highly-trafficked areas. Luminous LEDS and sounds indicating its presence. Animal sounds for children related to each crane movement encourage the family to insist on playing and continuing playing until they achieve the product.

Basic installation
Just a common power outlet less than 2 meters away from the machine and minimum space occupation. Maintenance is limited to the replacement of consumables, accessible via simple extraction trapdoors in inaccessible areas to the public.

A great investment
This machine offers a great return on investment, thanks to the economy of its consumables and minimum maintenance. It always delivers an award and does not require fees or legal permits. Its highly reliable electronic system and the possibility to configure the awards, make it an ideal versatile and economical machine for family audience in highly-trafficked areas, sturdy and with simple mai


Technical features

Voltage: 86/260 V
Rated current: 140W
Frecuency: 50Hz.
Weight: 90 kg.
Product capacity: 500/600 u. approx.

Game instructions

After introducing the coin, the child uses the joystick to move the crane over the chosen gift. By pressing the button, the crane is ordered to catch the chosen gift. If the gift is not achieved in ten attempts, the machine returns the money.

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