About us

A company with more than three decades manufacturing gaming machines. After all these years, we have the experience and capability necessary to manage any project, internal as external, implying the design, development, production and distribution of gaming machines.

Our scope of our work cover the initial conceptualization and market research until the final delivery to the client and after-sales technical service. That is why, by covering all the development areas, we can offer a comprehensive service without intermediaries in which all the process stages are agreed with just one party, providing our clients with the most appropriate solutions for fulfilling their needs in a swift manner.

What do we aim for?

K7 Onplay is a growing company creating new models, new leisure concepts and new profitability ideas in the sphere of gaming machines. We know are potential is based on R+D+I and we focus our efforts towards that goal. By offering new ideas and materializing the ones of our distributors’ and partners’, we grow along them offering a first-line product, which results in a mutual benefit.

How do we work?

Our customer-provide relations are based on three closely related issues:

Reliability: Which keeps us close to our current customers and providers. After all these years, we know mutual reliability is a great asset to make a success of any project. Our clients, collaborator and providers are also our friends.

Efficiency: Meeting deadlines, providing punctual and effective after-sales service and maintaining our production and commercial infrastructure available allow us to offer an efficient service.

Profitability: All our products are aimed to offer the highest profitability for our clients. That is why we offer equipment with a very interesting quality-price ratio. Counting on providers and collaborators with decades of experience in our field helps us to optimise the cost of our products without compromising quality.